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Each student gets a user data sheet once enlisted in the Department of Computer Science, in order to use several services of the department.

Account Name

The account name is the same for all credentials, though the password may vary. It consists of the first letter of the firstname, the first give letters of the lastname, the number of the department (here: 2) and a status (e.g. 2 for student).

For example: The student Max Mustermann of the Department of Computer Science receives mmuste2s.

If two or more users receive the same account name, the last characters of the lastname are filled up or overwritten by numbers..

For example: mmus412s



The Standard-Password authentificates you to

  • Linux in the Zip pools
  • the SSH-server
  • protected areas on the FAQ and
  • WWW-Servers through www8
  • Webmail on (see hier)
  • E-Mail access via POP3 or IMAP
  • E-Mail sending via SMTP
  • ELMS/Kuvito in combination with your ELMS-ID



The Windows-Password of the domain INF-POOL allows the access to Windows XP in the Zip pools and file server filesrv.


The DialIn-Password grants you access to the Wifi channels (SSIDs) HBRS, H-BRS and Eduroam.

Passwords of other Departments or Institutions

Furthermore you might get access to exernal services through other passwords::

  • The SIS-Password: dient dem Einloggen in das Studenteninformationssystem via Link:
  • The LEA-/Bibliothekspassword grants you access to LEA our eLearning platform. The Bibliothekspassword grants you access to services of the  Library.

Professors and staff have additional passwords for:

  • Windows of the staff network
  • DIAS
  • the Fileserver und M1 of the ITS / central administration


The following information targets students of other Universities or Departments (e.g. der TH Köln / Studiengang MCSN)

How to I enroll to courses at the H-BRS (BRSU) and/or Department of Computer Science?

  1. You need a HBRS-Account in the Department of Computer Science.
    If you alread have an account in the Department of Computer Science of the H-BRS, skip this step.
    Please enter your personal data on the registration form.
  2. Once you got your account data, fetch your password from ServicepointFB02 of our deparment. To get the credentials you MUST come in person, in order to check your identity. We advice to get the credentials before the first lecture starts.
  3. Then you can enroll yourself to courses. The dead line for enrollments offizially end on the first Sunday after the start of the lectures. Please use  this LINK to enroll. You may contact kursbelegung, if the online enrollments ended already. Please send: name, student's ID, account name in the Department of Computer Science of H-BRS and the name of the courses and the lectures.
  4. The access to information, documents and other data of a course can be access via LEA a system similiar to TH Köln. The LEA support team will mail you the credentials after creating the account in the Department of Computer Science. The access to the courses is enabled automatically over night after completing step 3 (enrollment).
  5. You get any certificates, marks, ECTS etc.pp. about the lectures, marks and ECTS through the usual channels at the TH Köln.