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How to change your passwords

FB02 Passwords (Department of Computer Science):


You can change your passwords at home or at the university. If you want to change your passwords at home, you need to establish a connection to the home server via SSH.

Via Windows:

  • Download the program putty.
  • Enter the host name:, Port: 22 (SSH).


Via Linux / Mac:

  • Open the terminal and enter: ssh -l <<account name>>


Change your Unix/default password

  • Enter the command passwd to change your Unix/default password.
  • Enter the old password once and the new password twice.


Change your Windows password

  • Enter the command winpasswd to change your Windows password. Please note that you can not reset your password when you are logged in on a Windows PC of the university.
  • If you use a Windows PC of the university, you can change the password by pressing Ctrl + Alt + Del and the option Reset password / Change password.


Change your Dialin/Wips/eduroam password

  • Enter the command modempasswd to change your Dialin/Wips/eduroam password.
  • Please note that passwords which contain spaces are not supported.


If you forgot these passwords, please contact the ServicePoint staff in A 102.1.


Other Passwords:


Change your SIS password

  • Go to the SIS homepage and log in. In the main menu at the bottom choose Change Password.
  • If you forgot your SIS password, go to the SIS homepage and choose Forgotten your password?
  • Enter your account name and your matriculation number.
  • The new password will be send to your university email address.


Change your LEA password

  • Go to the LEA homepage and log in. In your profile settings, you can change your password.
  • If you forgot your password, contact the library staff to reset your password.


The following information apply for students from TH Köln / study course MKSN!

How can I register for courses at the H-BRS?

  1. You need to get an account at HBRS. Send an email to with the following information, in such way they can be easily differentiated, e.g. you could use this sheet:
    • first name (all / complete list, no acronyms)
    • last name (all / complete list, no acronyms)
    • preferred first name (if more than one)
    • preferred last name (if more than one)
    • gender
    • Matriculation Number at TH Köln (student's ID)
    • mail address (prefereably from TH Köln)
    • The course (with lecturer) you want to enroll. e.g. Planning, Implementation, Operation and Optimization of Communication Networks
  2. When you got your account, you will still need your password. You get it from Service Point at HBRS. You need to go there, so the best time to get your password is before the first lecture.
  3. With your account and your password, you can register for the course. The deadline for this official registration is the first sunday after lectures have started. Go to Course registration to do this. If online registration is closed, you can register via an email to kursbelegung. The required information are: your name, your matriculation number, your account and the course you want to register for.
  4. To get access to the course information in LEA (which is similar to the Ilias system at TH Köln), register yourself for the course information.
  5. Any certificates according your study. about lectures, marks a.s.o. will be maintained at the TH Köln. Please query any information there.